23 Nov

You use social media, how great!

Yesterday I stopped by a nearby furniture store to look for something to fill a useless space I have in my family room. This store has a wonderful selection of furniture, but their customer service leaves something to be desired. When I returned home, I looked the store up online hoping for a more pleasant experience and came away even more frustrated.

I know, I may over-analyse things a bit, but I really get annoyed when I see an establishment, an event or an idea with so much potential – wasted by silly marketing mistakes. I mean honestly, why waste your time spending a good deal of money on a website, a brochure or as in the case of the furniture store, a useless social media campaign. When things don’t require the direct output of money, they require time. Why waste time, it’s valuable!

So looking at the store’s website, I saw a badge for Twitter and Facebook. Of course, me being me, I had to check it out. What a poor excuse for a social media campaign!

Using Twitter and Facebook to just blast out tweet after tweet of how awesome you are, your big sale, how awesome you are or your big sale…(that was intentional repetition), I mean honestly.

There is a big difference between traditional media and social media. As soon as you start using them more according to how they’re geared differently, you’ll see changes and maybe even results.

Traditional marketing is more like sales. You can put a message together and present it to the world in a way that you have total control and states exactly what you want (even if you might exaggerate a bit). Sort of like online dating at the stage where you see the pictures or read a profile and that’s it.

New or social media is like online dating to the next level – where you can talk and interact and decide if you want to meet in person. It’s your chance to communicate directly and engage your customers in conversations that might help to form a relationship and a positive impression of you or your company. If this was the dating scenario, would you go on a date with someone who only talked about himself and never asked or answered questions?

Moral of the story: don’t waste your time or efforts on campaigns that will not give you any returns.

06 Nov

New rules for social media

I guess somehow it’s no surprise that most conversations I have either with clients, friends and even family (goes to show how obsessed I am with this!) end up at the topic of new media and social engagement.

One thing I will say in following many of you on Twitter, is that it’s unbelievable how many conversations I’ve tried to strike up…and can you believe this…very few have responded to them! It seems that some jewelers are so focused on spewing out their sales pitches and how awesome they are, that they neglect to use the medium for the benefits it can provide.

Now is when I wish I was doing a workshop with you…

I would ask, “So how do you see using Twitter and Facebook as different from traditional marketing?”….

Hands would raise. Some people might comment… “fewer results” one might say, “more work” might add another… (these are the responses I typically receive from jewelers).

Not only are the above answers incorrect, but they don’t even touch on the benefits!

Here’s the deal…social media IS and SHOULD be treated differently than how you handle traditional marketing.

In the past, advertising was and could appeal to the mass audience; it was one-way communication with the potential, existing and past customers; it was about selling; it was part of a campaign and it relied on creative that wow’d (for starters).

Now, with new media, you can target a specific audience; it’s two-way communication with potential, existing, and past customers; it’s about being authentic, providing credible information and building relationships; while campaigns can be part of the message, it’s about delivering useful content that reaches the customer if, when and where they might need it.

So the next time you receive a direct message or a mention on Twitter, don’t ignore it. REPLY! Be friendly, make connections and build relationships.