16 Nov

Role of Design and Social Media

A frequent question I’ve been asked lately is what is the value (beyond visual design) that designers offer to social media in terms of management. With the challenge for many companies remains knowing how to innovate, designers can offer a unique perspective to identifying and solving problems that might normally be overlooked. Designers typically translate and communicate what they understand and use that knowledge to create solutions that provide value to the business and consumer. Designers have an ability to empathize on a level that positions their solutions inline with customer needs. They are able to sift through complexity and synthesize what looks good with what works well. This means designers can inspire the business side while also connecting with customers.

Sounds to me like skills a social media manager would need.

The ability to multi-task while remaining connected to consumer needs and supporting corporate initiatives has design all over it. Finding meaning and value by analyzing the implications of their development on the path to implementation. This enables the individual to be responsive and forward-thinking, much like an entrepreneur.

This is just a brief thought that I’ll elaborate on in another post. Until then…. What do you think?