Do Violent Games Affect a Child’s Behavior?

Do Violent Video Games Affect a Child’s Behavior?

In today’s world kids spend less time outside and more time playing video games. Some games are educational, some are sports related, and some are just violent. Some games have caused debates about whether or not they should even be made. In 2001 Rockstar games came out with Grand Theft Auto 3, a third person shooter that portrays the life of a escaped felon and his rise to the top on the streets. This game had much controversy surrounding its release due to its extremely violent nature and explicit content.

Would You Allow Your Child to Play Violent Games?

Parents across the U.S were outraged that their kids were playing these games where the only objective is to kill. This brought about the question of whether or not the violence in these games would effect the child’s behavior. I’m of the belief that violent video games are in a world of their own and that if someone thinks that its ok to go on a shooting spree after playing GTA 3 then there is obviously an underlying medical condition that causes them to think this .I grew up playing the GTA series and I was able to determine that the actions portrayed in this game were wrong, and in the process had fun playing it. On the other hand, if I were a parent I would monitor the amount of time that my child plays video games and the content of those games and watch his behavior. I think that it is important to limit the amount of time that kids spend playing video games because it leads to a lazy lifestyle.

* This article was written by Matt Hurley, a student in Renee Martinez’s MKT 395 class at Canisius College in 2013.