12 May

Choose your words wisely

I didn’t realize how much time had passed since my last post! Ruby has been incredibly busy, so my time for blog posts was non-existent. Thanks to your emails, I’m re-focusing on the blog and providing you with helpful content.

Speaking of content, I was reading a brochure at a doctor’s office yesterday that prompted me to write this post. The office seems very well run, the overall feel is favorable, yet their materials were awful. Not only visually, as they were designed completely out of sync with the feel of the office. The office feels calm and relaxing, the materials could have been designed for a nightclub. Dark colors and few if any photos, a complete disconnect.

Add to that, the writing quality in the piece was not bad in the sense of poor grammar or riddled with errors, but rather not the right writing style for the intended reader. I find that this is a very common error for businesses. I’m not sure if the problem stems from business owners who micro-manage the process of creating materials and try to control the content the way they see fit or simply that some content is difficult to write in an easy-to-understand manner.

When a business is a bit more technical than the customer’s knowledge, it’s imperative to write copy that explains complicated terms and details in a way that people understand.

A rule of thumb I suggest is write your copy, then ask a few people to review it and provide feedback on:
– grammar
– clarity
– flow
– take-away message

Ask a combination of people to read this. Someone that’s familiar with your business (an employee) and someone who is not. You’ll be amazed hoe valuable this feedback will be for creating a more effective end product.

Happy writing!


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