Creativity and the Middle of Summer

Photo by TBC Photo www.tbcphoto.comDo you find your children complaining more as the end of summer draws near? I do.

Things that my boys would enjoy at the beginning of summer suddenly are boring to them and whining increases – as does my stress level. I realize, it’s time to head back to school.

Raising boys to entertain themselves.

“I’m bored”, “There’s nothing to do!”, and “He’s hitting me!” or “He’s mean” are phrases muttered more often as September gets closer. In my house I don’t allow video games Monday- Friday, unless the boys have friends visiting. This makes them play with their Legos, read and arts supplies that they receive but would otherwise ignore.

Here’s the deal… as annoying as it is- its normal. I remember feeling the same way. The difference is that my parents didn’t coordinate playdates and activities to keep me entertained. When I was bored, I might complain to my mom and she might make a suggestion, but ultimately- it was up to me to find something to do.

I think that’s a good thing.

I learned to be creative with my toys inside and outdoors. Creativity gave my toys a longer life. Taking my Barbies outside was a completely different play experience than in my room. If I played dress up inside was fun, but running around outside was an adventure.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t play with your children, but that they need to be able to entertain themselves sometimes and learn not to rely on you.

Encouraging independent play helps to develop creativity – which will aid in their ability to effectively solve problems. I’d say that’s a good skill to have.