Driving Cross Country with Kids

Can traveling with kids by car fun?

I love an adventure, the idea of driving cross country with my boys to show them some of my most memorable places, has always been met with enthusiasm. Contrary to my husband’s preference, the long journey I imagined would be filled with stops in little towns, hikes off the beaten path and cuisine with a local flare.

So after dreaming taking this trip and annoying my husband for months about it, I decided to start to plan it. I honestly don’t think he thought I’d follow through and God knows, he wasn’t planning to join me. I created a crazy spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets!!) and planned every detail. Restaurants featured on food shows, silly stops for weird or unusual things or places and of course the tourist traps too.

My plan was to rent a vehicle and drive from Cleveland to Seattle then down to San Francisco and fly home.

Why do I want to subject myself to this?

I really feel that there’s so much value in seeing the country. We live in a wonderful place and there’s so much to see. The idea of sharing the sights I’ve loved with my boys really feels like an honor,  an incredible opportunity and a gift I hope they will always remember. Sure they’ll drive me crazy during the 21 day journey, so what? It’s summer, life is short – sometimes you just need to go for it!

Let the adventure begin…

Fortunately, I recruited my mother to join us for the first leg of our journey, I thought this would be a smart thing to do as driving alone this distance with 4 boys under 14 could be scary when they start arguing and fighting with each other. At least I will have someone else to share the “fun” times with:)

The next few days I’ll be posting our journey as we travel…I even convinced my husband to meet us in Seattle and drive the second part of our trip together!

Have you driven cross country with your children? Where did you go?  What did you see?