Finding the right babysitter

The right childcare for your child can make a difference

Finding a babysitter is a serious process to follow. You are allowing this person to come into your house and life and make sure your kids are healthy and safe.

When finding a babysitter, keep your eyes open and understand that it can be a slow process until finding the right one for your child(ren). You may want to look for someone who is a relative or family friend first since your kid(s) may feel more comfortable around him/her. Finding the right babysitter can be stressful and nerve-racking.

You have to ask yourself, “Are they mature, old enough, responsible, kid friendly?” All of these questions are important when choosing the person that you will leave alone with your kids for hours and sometimes even days. Trust is one of the key factors when picking the sitter. Can you trust him/her enough that they will keep your kid(s) from danger and harm. Finding someone who has experience with kids is an advantage. You may also want to ask your friends or family who have hired a babysitter and possibly get recommendations from them.

Meeting a potential babysitter and having them spend the day with your kid(s) while you are home could be a good idea to see if your kids feel comfortable around him/her.

Looking for a babysitter is almost like looking for a part-time parent. This person has to be devoted in caring for the well-being of your child(ren). Everything from feeding, changing, bathing, playing, watching and teaching will be daily tasks for them to accomplish.

Before choosing the perfect babysitter, it is best to find out more about them personally and to see if they really do enjoy this significant job not just for the cash but because they like working with children.










This post was written by Alexandra Naumovski, a student at CanisiusCollege.