MESS and Balance and Boys

Photo from James Jordan.
Photo from James Jordan.

What you’ve been waiting for…Part 2!

Yestdray I told you about how the boys are in a point in their lives where they’re a little off. Be it hormones, being the cool guy, or who knows what. Bottom line, this is my advice on how to survive this challenging time (as the parent:)

Let me preface the importance of assuring our teeny-boppers that they can choose to control areas in their life which make them feel better in 4 easy self- evaluation steps. So the next time you shout “check yourself, buddy!” They won’t look down at their zipper or huff and puff out the door. Next time, they just may actually take some personal inventory and get those emotions under control.

The Teen MESS System-

M is for MOOD- Mood check! Everyone experiences multiple moods throughout a day.
Sudden extreme mood changes or outburst both positive and negative may be due typical hormone changes, but it may be self-imposed by the unbalanced choices you are making. Making a conscious effort of keeping your physical health balanced will also help balance out your emotional state of mind in a positive way. Consciously balancing your life style will help you control outbursts and free you from conflicts and drama.

However, If you struggle everyday and find yourself continuously stuck in a negative or angry mood, or extreme feelings of sadness, anxiety, isolation, please alert your parents or reach out to someone you trust.

E is for ENERGY- Evaluate eating, sleeping and physical activity. Balance your intake of healthy food vs. junk food, get plenty (8-10 hours) of uninterrupted sleep. Keep all technology out of your bedroom to help your brain to get to sleep faster! Physical exercise during the day will not only strengthen your body but will help you sleep and reduce mood swings.

S for SOCIAL- inventory your social practices. Balance your time spent between friends, family, technology, and time alone. It is equally important to have human contact as time spent alone with your own thoughts.

S for SCHOOL- balance your school work load by staying by paying attention in class, keeping notes, and completing homework/projects on time. Do not risk your future by getting distracted by teenage nonsense.

Never forget that Life is a balancing act, so check yourself often!