Reading with Children

Reading with your children has lasting effects

Using technology to read with your children
Mobile technology may be great for games and TV, but it also provides and easy way for parents to read with their children.

Let’s be honest, in today’s society many children would rather watch TV than read with a parent.  But as a parent it is important to make sure your children are reading and the best way to accomplish that is to read with them.  When I was younger my parents would read me a bedtime story before falling asleep.  I do not think that all parents understand the importance of reading with their children.  A simple activity can help develop a lasting relationship with your child.  You are spending precious time with your children when you read with them.  It creates a special form of bonding time with the child and parent. From my experience, I also developed my reading skills.  At a young age children can listen to a parent read a story to them and hear how certain words are pronounced.   This in return can develop their language and listening skills at an early age.

We are surrounded by technology such as iPads and tablets.  These items can assist parents with reading with their children.  Books and bedtime stories are easily accessed through iPads with a touch of a finger.

So for the future, parents take the extra 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and read to your children.  The effects will leave a lasting impressing on your child’s education and your relationship with your child.


*This post was contributed by Canisius College marketing student Taylor Cotter