Time to get back to basics with simple fun

holding up the churchI feel like life has become so planned, from one moment to the next, one week to the next month. It kind of sucks. Everybody is so conditioned to multitasking madness that I don’t even think it seems weird anymore…but it is.

I hate that the boys are so used to always having something to do that when it’s crappy out or there’s nothing going on – they’re bored. What happened to simple fun?

I have to be honest, I enjoy being busy just as much as my boys do, but I don;t think it’s in their best interest if I’m always helping to facilitate fun. Since I want to spend time when them but enjoy the little freedoms of an unplanned day, I’ve taken to coordinating little adventures that we can just do. Sometimes these adventures might entail a hike or a trip to the library, other times it’s cooking or a craft. This is definitely a challenge when my 14 year old thinks he’s too old and cool to participate, but then once he does, he’s glad he did.

These times together are limited with my oldest as I know he’d rather be playing any sport with anyone to get away from us – but I kind of don’t give him an option. Besides, these little opportunities are fostering a deeper sense of family for all of the boys, creating memories together and often learning something new – if not just learning that fun can be simple and spontaneous.