What is the Problem With Our Boys and Men?

By Renee Martinez, Founder of Raising Boys World

I read this article, The Problem With Boys…is actually a problem with men. By Tom Chiarella. WOW.

The author states, “We’ve ignored all the evidence of male achievement and ambition deficits and stood aside as our sons have notched a growing record of failure and disengagement. It’s time we did something about it. A call to action.”

He continues, “But here’s the deal if you are a boy in this country right now: You’re twice as likely as a girl to be diagnosed with an attention-deficit or learning disorder. You’re more likely to score worse on standardized reading and writing tests. You’re more likely to be held back in school. You’re more likely to drop out of school. If you do graduate, you’re less likely to go to college. If you do go to college, you will get lower grades and, once again, you will be less likely to graduate. You’ll be twice as likely to abuse alcohol, and until you are twenty-four, you are five times as likely to kill yourself. You are more than sixteen times as likely to go to prison.”

When I’m out with all four of the boys, people inevitably comes up to me and make comments. They always ask if I still want a girl or if I’m going to try again. What makes them think that they have any right to comment on my fertility is beyond me. The people that make these comments always feel the need to tell me about how wild and destructive their sons, or their friend’s son, or their neighbor’s sons are. Like I care. They say this useless information in a way that almost seems cruel. Like here I am with FOUR boys. What am I suppose to say in response? I’m certainly not about to join in on the bashing session!

Also, what do their ignorant comments mean to my sons when they hear them. I’ll tell you…my oldest has commented to me when someone has said something about me wanting a girl or talking down wild boys. He said “it doesn’t sound like that lady likes boys.  Why not?”.

What messages is society communicating about boys? What do you think on this subject? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

About the Author:  Renee Martinez consults and speaks professionally on social media marketing, integrated marketing communications, public relations and branding. She is the president of Ruby Marketing Communications (www.rubymarcom.com), a boutique marketing communications company that specializes in providing branding, social media strategy and integration, and creative services. Her blog (www.reneemartinez.com), provides resources on everything marketing and social media for her active audience. 
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